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of Foam Systems

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Existing fire suppression systems rely on yearly maintenance and inspection. Not only because of law-enforced regulations, but also because of possible interference by personnel or by nature.

Keeping a firefighting system in a 100% fit for purpose condition is of the utmost importance for human safety, platform investments, as well as the environment. Availability and uptime of the substation is critical and the Fire Safety systems SIRON delivers and maintains, make sure of this. The SIRON maintenance crew has built up fire suppression know how for over decades.

Ready for any kind of repair or calamity.SIRON has trained (a.o. GWO) technicians available to support globally from various own locations.

Compressed Air Foam Systems

Maintenance and Inspection

SIRON Compressed Air Foam systems are not premix driven. Although maintenance operations therefore are a lot smaller and will save costs, each system will have to have its mandatory maintenance on a yearly basis.

The specialised SIRON crew tests and maintains CAF systems on a factory listed scheme. Usually these maintenance operations are under the supervision of an Authority Having Jurisdiction to measure the results to the given standards of the system.

Foam in premix systems must be replaced every few years, against extremely high costs because the premix tank must be cleaned and the “old” premix must be processed.

The water and foam in SIRON’s ICAF system is not premixed so the quality will stay in good condition for 20-25 years. This combination will reduce maintenance during its entire life span, so SIRON can offer a fixed price for lifetime (20 years) maintenance.

Testing Firefighting Foam – AFFF


SIRON offers a fast turnaround service for laboratory testing of all types of fire fighting foam. We routinely carry out this service for multiple clients. Please use the contact us form to get in touch with your requirements and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

SIRON will send out a foam sample collection kit anywhere in the world free of charge with detailed instructions on how to collect each sample for analysis. As soon as the samples are delivered back to our facility in The Netherlands, we can offer a very quick turnaround for laboratory testing using our trained personnel.

Following each test clients receive a detailed report for their foam samples to ensure they are within the required specifications and conformance to International Standards NFPA 11 and BS 5306.

Our field personnel are highly experienced in fault finding and repairing issues on all types of AFFF equipped fire protection systems. Over time orifice plates can wear, foam proportioners and inductors may require adjusted or overhauled which will cause erroneous foam percentage readings when testing.

We can mobilise our personnel onshore or offshore to any location, often at short notice should client identify any issues with their foam systems. Good quality firefighting foam is essential when covering hydrocarbon pool fires.

Since testing the quality is a procedure which should only be done by trained personnel, SIRON also provides this service.

Gas Extinguishing Systems

Maintenance and Inspection

Regular servicing and maintenance of gaseous fire suppression systems is essential. Not only to ensure the system is fully functional in the event of a fire but also to ensure the safety of personnel within the protected area.

Extinguishing gases are stored in cylinders under very high pressure. If these cylinders are not properly handled and maintained they can pose a compelling safety risk due to the amount of stored energy contained within them.

In addition to the risks to health and safety, discharge of some scheduled extinguishing agents can also have detrimental environmental effects. SIRON makes sure only qualified and highly trained crew work on gas extinguishing systems.

Drone Inspection


Platform based inspection can be expanded even to the outside and surrounding the platform. Drone inspection enables to give clear sight of any mishaps in structure and other difficult to access areas.

The latest advancements in sensing and imaging technologies are enabling drones to be deployed in a wide range of settings and industries. They are often used in performing inspections and predictive maintenance of critical infrastructure.

Drone makers are collaborating with offshore companies to develop applications that can be customized. This will facilitate different types of data collection obtaining real-time insights.

SIRON Wind Fire Protection can deploy a specialised crew on short notice in proximity of any known European and US offshore Wind Park.

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Don’t hesitate to
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